Caldura Whisper Quiet Mini Fridges

Silent fridges have two main drawbacks, a relatively high cost and zero portability.  The Caldura Whisper Quiet range addresses both of these drawbacks.  Although not silent, once down to temperature, they run very quietly indeed, making them an excellent compromise where a lower cost, and/or increased portability is required.  We thoroughly recommend them for Students to take away to University, as they are far better suited to transporting back and forth at the beginning and end of term.

Caldura 17 litre Mini Fridge Caldura 30 litre Mini Fridge Caldura 40 litre Mini Fridge
Caldura 17 litre Caldura 30 litre Caldura 40 litre
Whisper Quiet Mini Fridge Whisper Quiet Mini Fridge Whisper Quiet Mini Fridge