Caldura Home Ice Cream Maker

Caldura Home Ice Cream Maker

Designed specifically for use in the home, the Caldura Home Ice Cream Machine makes up to 4 servings at a time, is compact and lightweight for easy storage, and most importantly, ready to go when you are.

No Pre-Freezing

The Caldura Home Ice Cream Maker has a built in freezing unit, there is no separate bowl that you need to find space for in your freezer, and you don't need to remember to put it in to freeze the day before you're going to use it!  Just put your mixture in, switch on, and The Caldura Home Ice Cream Maker will let you know when it's time to enjoy.

Compact and Lightweight

The Caldura Home Ice Cream Machine uses the latest high efficiency thermoelectric cooling system.  There is no heavy and bulky compressor.  This has enabled a substantial reduction of the dimensions and weight of the machine, leaving you with a cool kitchen gadget that can be easily stored away when not in use, and won't take up an enormous amount of space on the countertop when it's on show!

Fantastic Ice Cream in One Hour

A couple of recipe ideas are included in the Operating Instructions, but the sky really is the limit with Ice Cream.  You can add all sorts of additions to our "Really Good Vanilla Ice Cream" recipe to "make it your own".

Your Kids will LOVE You

Ice Cream on tap, what's not to like?  You'll probably even find that your Kids will want to make it themselves (though of course we recommend adult supervision for the younger ones!).


Capacity 350ml.
Makes 3 to 4 servings at a time.
Two hardness settings.
Makes soft serve ice cream in 40 to 60 minutes.
Automatic switch off when correct consistency is reached.
Audible alert sounds when finished.
Compact size for easy storage.
Lightweight and easy to clean.
Supplied with a silicone spatula.
External dimensions (w x h x d) 185mm x 238mm x 265mm.
Weight: 2.55Kg.
240V AC mains operation.
Colour: white.
Model: ICM300.

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